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Image by Nika Benedictova

About Modemkiller

Character art of a young female human cleric armed with a hammer and heavy shield, and dressed in the dark robes of her diety

Modemkiller is two ideas reconciled - the passion for creation, and the desire for functionality.

At Modemkiller, we know we've achieved our goal if our digital art serves a purpose beyond the expected. We want our art to be appreciated for what it is, of course, but we want it to be more than just a sight to see. Nothing makes us happier than knowing our art is used in RPG campaigns throughout the thriving community.


We see the TTRPG realm growing every day, hand-in-hand with new and exciting online Virtual Table-tops. In an increasingly digitised world, we delve ever further and deeper into the realms of fantasy.

Modemkiller is all about bringing unique and interesting digital art to your virtual worlds.

Our Story

Our Values

Our art can be used in your RPG campaigns in public and private. Feel free to stream your games to audiences using Modemkiller content without fear of reprisal.


Our artwork is as functional as possible - we provide character packs complete with desktop, tablet, and mobile wallpaper versions alongside VTT tokens


We want to give you as much value out of Modemkiller as possible. Sign up to become a free site member to download member-only content and legacy character packs.


Modemkiller is opposed to generative images produced by modern AI. We believe that easily produced content will drive down and devalue artistic skill.


Modemkiller is open to discussions with potential partners for commercial use of our artworks. Contact us to discuss commercial licencing for your project.


No entity can exist in isolation in the modern world, this is especially true of creatives, and particularly true of Modemkiller. Join our discord and find Modemkiller on socials.

a gentle gradient in the colours of Modemkiller's brand

At Modemkiller, whimsical make-believe characters are part of the every-day normal. Fantastical heroes, villains and monsters envisioned in art; then brought to life in your RPG adventures.

Modemkiller one day wants to see a world where healthy escapism is enjoyed by one-and-all, through the fantastic medium of table top roleplaying games.

The Art of Escapism

Character art of a fantasy dwarf fighter with a white beard and shining shield with his hammer held aloft
Digital art of a self portrait of Jamie Morrison, owner of Modemkiller

Hello there! I'm Jamie Morrison. I'm a web designer and illustrator by trade, animator and digital artist by education, and passionate life-long student of art and traditional games!


Thank you for taking the time to explore my site. I've spent my life wrapped up in many different creative endeavours, and is my way of pulling all of these efforts under one creative banner.

Modemkiller is an outlet for communicating my passion for art, for creative writing, and for functional design. All of which you can indulge in as you explore my website. I hope you enjoy the experience, and find something of value that you can add to your own gaming adventures.


Jamie M

Who is Modemkiller?

Get in Touch


As a digital brand, we have no fixed location or opening hours, but we will endeavour to respond to all messages within 24 hours.


We're a digital enterprise, so we have no fixed location - message us if you need to get in touch!


+44 77655 80602

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