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Policy Contents:

  • Intellectual Property Rights:

Modemkiller digital artwork packs and their contents are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. The purchase of a digital art pack grants the customer a license to use the artwork for personal use only, and does not transfer ownership of the artwork or grant the right to redistribute or resell the files. All rights not expressly granted in this licence are reserved by Modemkiller as the owner and copyright holder.

  • Compatibility Disclaimer:

Modemkiller strives to ensure compatibility with popular virtual table top gaming (VTT) platforms, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with all software versions or configurations. We recommend that customers check compatibility requirements before making a purchase and provide instructions for troubleshooting common compatibility issues.

  • Artistic Variation:

Modemkiller digital art packs may vary slightly from the product images displayed on your website due to differences in screen calibration, resolution, and other factors. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about the appearance of the artwork.

  • Usage & Accreditation:

The purchase of a digital art pack from Modemkiller entitles the customer to use that pack and its contents for personal use only. Redistribution or resale of the files without prior agreement from Modemkiller is prohibited. When Modemkiller artwork is used in social media, recorded video, or live streaming, accreditation is required. The preferred method of accreditation is to provide a clickable link to If this is not possible, mentioning Modemkiller in the description is required.

  • No Refunds Policy:

Modemkiller holds a no-refunds policy for digital products. Refunds are not available once the download links have been provided to the customer. Customers should contact Modemkiller for assistance with technical issues or faults with the files.

  • Artwork Commissions:

Modemkiller offers commission services for bespoke character artwork. Modemkiller reserves the right to subsequently repurpose artwork commissions as digital artwork packs to be added to the Modemkiller product catalogue and sold on the store as a digital download.

  • Commissions & Ownership:

The purchase of commissioned work from Modemkiller entitles the customer to personal use of the respective commissioned products, and the customer may share these commissioned products without limitation. The ownership of commissioned artworks is retained by Modemkiller and Modemkiller does not grant the right to redistribute or resell the files.

  • Limitation of Liability:

Modemkiller is not responsible for any damages arising from the download, use, or inability to use any files downloaded from, or from links automatically distributed by, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.

  • Copyright of Third Parties:

Modemkiller does not own any content created by third parties and does not intend to challenge or infringe upon intellectual property rights or copyrights of brands and artists that are featured or referenced on If you are a representative of a brand and believe that intellectual property rights or copyrights are being violated, contact Modemkiller using the information found on our contact page immediately and we will take steps to resolve your concerns. Modemkiller's process for addressing copyright infringement claims, specifically the procedure for submitting a takedown request, is to submit the request through our contact form. The timeline for responding to such requests is 30 days from receipt of the request.

  • Intellectual Property Rights of Third Parties:

Modemkiller offers free artwork packs within its free members area that feature fan art of popular intellectual properties such as 'Wizards of The Coast' and 'Warhammer'. Packs containing content belonging to third-party Intellectual Properties are never sold or distributed for profit. Artwork on Modemkiller that pertains to third parties is not verified, accredited, or endorsed by their respective owners unless specifically otherwise stated.

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