Modemkiller Digital Art Fantasy Map Character Dragonborn Feywild Lair Moonstone Dragon VTT

The dull red glow of the ending day is sweeping over the looming tree-line. Shadows and light begin their playful waltz, as the sun slowly falls from the Feywild sky. The darkness gets longer, sharper. The branches of the brush reach out in turn; stretching, creeping. The red aura of the sun is gone, replaced by a threatening orange haze, emanating from deep in the lake before you. Haunting faces pull themselves out of the once inanimate landscape;  pooling around the corners of your harrowed vision. Flooding into clarity around your feet, the skull-like apparitions form and fade in a maelstrom of anguished expressions. Your thoughts are coming slow; the air is somehow hard to reach. The orange haze of the lake overwhelms your senses as you ask yourself one last agonizing question - when did I step into the water? But, no answer came...

30x30 Feywild Halloween Special 2021

  • The 30x30 Halloween Special 2021 Map Pack comprises of the following:


    • 1 map plus gridded version (2 total).


    All digital artwork will be supplied in a Zip file, be high resolution and be branding free.

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