Modemkiller Digital Art Fantasy Map Character Dragonborn Feywild Lair Moonstone Dragon VTT
  • Once your dreams were full of hope and colour. Inspiration flowed through you as you slept a deep slumber. You could feel the guidance of a distant voice; not of your own conscience, but still familiar. With this nightly spark of inspiration came days of great endeavour, pushing you ever onward on your journey. But now, perhaps suddenly, but not yet all at once; those bright and vivid dreams have turned cold and grey. The fog of a poor sleep was sometimes enough to snuff out any memory of your dreams entirely - and with it, your drive; the core of who you had become, had been hollowed out. But, why? What begins as a concerning curiosity becomes a maddening frustration. You research; you explore; you hunt. In a dusty book in a forgotten library, you come across the scrivenings that you seek. The dreams that suddenly visit you, change your life, and then disappear, leaving you forever as a shade of your former self - the touch of a mystical and whimsical creature; a creature known as a Moonstone Dragon. Rare amongst legendary creatures itself, It's touch is keenly felt in dreams of those who would find themselves in close proximity. At the end of your wits, you strive to seek it out, to be reunited with it's power in your dreams. Yes, it would make sense - If it was close by for such a time to guide you, it would suggest that it must surely have a lair nearby. Not even the thin veil between the realms could stop you now...

    60x60 Feywild Lair of the Moonstone Dragon

    • The 60x60 Feywild Lair of the Moonstone Dragon Map Pack comprises of the following:


      • 4 maps plus gridded versions (8 total).


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