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  • The cavernous walls reach high to the cave ceiling. The years of frost had layered the cavern in white. The hard snow piled high in some places, but in others, the dilapidated tiles of an ancient floor were just peaking through - as if demanding to see who had disturbed their slumber after so long. But perhaps the cavern isn't as abandoned as one might first think? Braziers lined the walls, and their light burned bright; revealing disturbed ground in the deep distance. Watch your step, traveler; lest you become just another cold feature of these mysterious depths.

    60x60 Frostbite Cavern

    • The 60x60 Frostbite Cavern Map Pack comprises of the following:


      • 4 maps plus gridded versions (8 total).
      • Basic map version.
      • Variants featuring additional map details.


      All digital artwork will be supplied in a Zip file, be high resolution and be branding free.

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