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  • She paused to survey the column as it fell in behind her. She had generalled many campaigns, but not one with so many men who had not yet seen war. They were young and strong. As was she, truth be told - the soldier prodigy. They would make it through this winter. Her glittering green eyes shot out from beneath her steel helm, meeting the gaze of any in the column that dared endure it. Her face spoke of hardships, but her mere existence was in defiance of it all. She was the embodiment of triumph, a totem of victory - a young woman made of cold hard steel.

    Cold Soldier

    • The Cold Soldier Character Pack comprises of the following:


      • Full length portrait art.
      • Square 'profile picture' art.
      • Round token in PNG format ready for VTT play


      All digital artwork will be supplied in a Zip file, be high resolution and be branding free.

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