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  • The cold features of the brown haired Goliath were bathed in the warm light of the carnage around her. A quarry was crumpled at her feet, helpless to stop it's bubbling lifeblood running freely into the sands. The burning runes she painted in the air just moments ago, begin to fade from her fingertips; now nothing more than magical embers. In victory, she sits atop her prey; a final humiliation. Despite the leather and metal between them, the heat emanating from the skin of the bestial hulk was intense. A testament to her grim power, she thought; the dead blood of the beast boiled still.


    The Goliath Blood Hunter is a character class inspired by the 'Homebrew' efforts of Critical Role. The rules for the class can be found on DnDBeyond, a popular website often used in tandem with virtual tabletops.

    Goliath Blood Hunter

    • The Goliath Blood Hunter Character Pack comprises of the following:


      • Full length portrait art.
      • Square 'profile picture' art.
      • Round token in PNG format ready for VTT play


      All digital artwork will be supplied in a Zip file, be high resolution and be branding free.

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