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  • The blizzard was coming heavier now, but his body still felt light. It could be getting closer to night, but the dull blue hue still threw disconcerting shadows in the corners of his eyes. The cold would have been biting at him, of course - if it weren't for the fire in his heart. Or, perhaps it was just that he was numb? It didn't matter. All that mattered was that he kept moving. If he didn't, the shadows in the blizzard might make real and surround him. He grinned, gripping his axe tight, and stopped. He rose up tall, taking a deep cool breath; and loudly invited the shadows to try...

    Half-Orc Barbarian

    • The Half-Orc Barbarian Character Pack comprises of the following:


      • Full length portrait art.
      • Square 'profile picture' art.
      • Round token in PNG format ready for VTT play


      All digital artwork will be supplied in a Zip file, be high resolution and be branding free.

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