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  • The Guiser scanned the carnage from the atop a giant steed; the village had been upturned in a frantic, violent & desperate search. The inhabitants all met their end at the edge an axe. Their only guilt, was having something that the jealous axe-wielder could never have. The smoke from the fires would have choked the Guiser if he'd had the mouth to breath. Where any would expect to see a face, and perhaps a whole head besides; instead was a fiery lantern-light that boiled away inside a pumpkin. A vicious mockery of the head he'd once had - and had taken. Where the Guiser surveyed the scenes the burning lantern light shone; allowing the cursed figure to perceive the world. It wants to have again that most precious lost thing. And if the Guiser cannot have its head, then... what right does anyone else have to keep theirs?


    The Guiser is inspired by two things - quite obviously the 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow' and a Scottish word; 'Guiser'. A guiser is a person who dresses up to disguise themselves, and proceeds to jovially visit neighbours - known as the act of guising. All happening particularly on a halloween night. This artwork was made in celebration of Halloween and headless horsemen the world over.

    The Guiser

    • The Guiser Character Pack comprises of the following:


      • Full length portrait art.
      • Square 'profile picture' art.
      • Two round tokens in PNG format ready for VTT play


      All digital artwork will be supplied in a Zip file, be high resolution and be branding free.

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