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The Red Mage Fantasy Character Art

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The Red Mage depicts a female human spellcaster revelling in the power of her magical might. She stands tall amidst the embers of a sorcerous battle, with a taunting smirk flashing across her glowing features. None would dare test her, or even risk getting too close. After all, as the legend says; the sword of a red mage is just as dangerous as its sorcery. The Red Mage is the perfect choice of art to represent your next ambitious warlock, sorcerer, wizard, or spellcaster class player character (PC) in a roleplaying game campaign.


The Red Made would also make an excellent choice of art to represent a notable non-player character (NPC) for your players to discover during their campaign.

The Red Mage Fantasy Character Art is a digital art character pack containing high-res image files you can use as device wallpapers and virtual table top gaming tokens. This downloadable pack contains:

  • 4k (3140x2160) PNG desktop wallpaper
  • 9:16 (1080x1920) PNG mobile wallpaper
  • Square (2000x2000) PNG
  • 400x400 PNG format Round Bust VTT Token
  • 400x400 PNG format Round Headshot VTT Token
  • 400x400 JPG format Square Bust VTT Token
  • 400x400 JPG format Square Headshot VTT Token


All dimensions are in pixels.

Genuine Human Artifice

Please choose to support artists - all Modemkiller artwork is digitally painted by hand using professional premium software like Photoshop, Procreate, and Infinite Painter. Modemkiller opposes the irresponsible use of artificial intelligence to create generated imagery.

High-Performance Tokens

Where possible, Modemkiller VTT tokens are optimised for online use. This involves compressing file sizes down so that are suitable for online VTT platforms.

Product Policies

The use of Modemkiller products are governed by our policies:


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