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Modemkiller is two ideas reconciled - the passion for creation, and the desire for functionality. We've longed for our art to serve a purpose beyond the expected - to be more than simply thought provoking, or emotive. ​The growing realm of Roleplaying Games and online Virtual Table-tops has allowed us to explore that impulse. ​


Ironically, in an increasingly digitised world, we delve ever further and deeper into the realms of fantasy.

Modemkiller Fire Graphic Fantasy Art VTTRPG TTRPG RPG DnD #242323.jpg

At Modemkiller, whimsical characters and make-believe places have all happily become the new every-day normal. Fantastical people, places and ideas created in art; then brought to life in your adventures.


One day, maybe even reaching all across our own little blue world.

But, then again...


Maybe that's just fantasy?

Modemkiller Branding-22
Modemkiller Branding Black Transparent
Modemkiller Branding White Transparent
Modemkiller Branding_Artboard 20
Modemkiller Branding Wings Derived
Modemkiller Branding Wings Isolated
Modemkiller Branding Skull

brand identity

Modemkiller is a brand identity coined by Jamie Morrison as his creative outlet. By trade and education Jamie is a digital artist - specialising in branding, graphic design and visual web design. In his designs he favours the sharp edges of geometry; the balance of symmetry; enhancing colour and a synergistic approach.


In this spirit - you can find a showcase of the core Modemkiller brand identity.


No entity can exist in isolation in the modern world, this is especially true of creatives, and particularly true of Modemkiller. A goodly list of talented individuals have enthusiastically worked with or supported the Modemkiller journey. Without them, this digital library of content couldn't exist as it does today.

Alongside this, we are staunchly supported by the wider TTRPG community. You can find Modemkiller and the TTRPG community on many social media spheres.

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