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Digital Art For Virtual Worlds

Modemkiller combines digital art for fantasy roleplaying games like D&D and Pathfinder, with VTT gaming systems like Foundry and Roll20.

Everything you need for your entire RPG campaign can be found here - character art, battle maps, tokens and more.

Character Packs

Each Modemkiller character art pack is available as a digital download. Each pack contains full-length art; square format close-up and one or more unique tokens - more modern packs will even contain one or more animated token variants. All of which are ready for your VTT game.

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Modemkiller Feywild Map Pack Header Fae DnD VTTRPG Pathfinder TTRPG VTT 242323.jpg
map packs

Modemkiller is home to a variety of VTT ready fantasy RPG battle maps and encounter maps that come with and without grids as standard.

Depending on the map pack collection there will also be a range of variant maps included - offering dynamic choices and letting you set the perfect mood for the right moment in your campaign.

news / updates

Dive into the world of Table Top Roleplaying Games and Virtual Table Top experiences through the eyes of Modemkiller. Periodically we will also feature articles from our collaborators, so make sure to check back often for the latest insights and opinions.

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Within our members are is a selection of free Modemkiller VTTRPG content from character packs and tokens to exciting battle maps. Log in and get full access to a growing library of free content.

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