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Digital character art for roleplaying games - D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer & more.

Explore a world of beautiful digital art - fictional characters that are perfect for your roleplaying games like D&D, Pathfinder, Warhammer and more. Our ever-growing library has everything from player characters and non-player characters, to fantasy creatures and even villainous big bad evil guys!

A bold human fighter armed with a sword in red and yellow medieval clothing accessorised with a feather cap

Adventure-Ready Artwork for RPGs

Featured Artworks

Modemkiller Background Graphic.webp
character art of a faerie druid mounted on a squirrel and armed with a sword
Round token of a faerie druid mounted on a squirrel on a cool VTT cave map

About Modemkiller is all about digital art for the RPG community - featuring downloadable artworks for use in table top and virtual table top (VTT) gaming. Whether you're a player in need of a new portrait or a dungeon master in need of a new library of stock art - Modemkiller has the digital art for your virtual world. Interested in learning more about us? Click the button below!

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Catch up with the latest goings-on straight off the press below, or head to our News page to browse all of our articles. Enjoy content on the subjects of digital art, traditional gaming, and updates on all things Modemkiller. 

The Ember Witch character art featuring a sorcerer or warlock amidst her own powerful magical fire elemental familiars

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Player Characters

Explore a catalogue of character art perfect for representing your own RPG characters. 

Non-Player Characters

Are you a Dungeon Master? Add unique and eye-catching assets to your library.

BBEG's & Villains

Explore unique 'Big Bad Evil Guy' art to represent your campaign's infamous villain.

Creature Features

Surprise your players with interesting creatures and monsters in Modemkiller style.

Digital Artfor Virtual Worlds

VTT-Ready Character Packs

Modemkiller digital art is created with the players of the RPG community in mind. All of our artwork packs feature a variety of filetypes that can be put to use in all sorts of places. From simple desktop, tablet and mobile wallpapers and lock screen formats; to circular and square bordered tokens that are ready to use on your favourite VTT platforms - Modemkiller offers maximum versatility.